Leaf-level Farming Platform

Actionable insights on every leaf and plant to help growers meet production goals sustainably

Addressing Crop Production Challenges

Proofminder puts an “agronomist” next to each plant, as our leaf-level farming platform allows to see things that are invisible for other solutions. Micro-level actionable insights on every leaf and plant help growers to estimate, calculate and improve all that visible on the field across the season.

Solve specific Ag Challenges
Helpful insights on each plant to support timely decisions and avoid costly mistakes

Innovate Production Processes
Dozens of use cases for crops and trees are ready to use. We provide support at every step.

Follow Sustainable Goals
Reduce amount of chemicals applied and grow organic food to address the regulations

Increase Yield & Profit
Grow more with less resources, save on inputs and get a higher yield from each hectare

Top use cases for Agroindustry

By combining AI technologies, visual data and Agroindustry players in one ecosystem, we make it possible to build new use cases in a few weeks and scale them on thousands of hectares in the same season. The number of use cases is unlimited, have a look at the examples and feel free to challenge us with yours!

Continuous monitoring of plant growth using AI-based machine vision – water, nutrient deficiency, pest identification

AI / machine vision-based disease identification, like rust disease or fungus is much more accurate and less labor intensive than traditional solutions

Relying on comprehensive visual and sensor data, it is possible to predict the yield – all with low costs and easy extensibility

Accurate identification of the time of flowering of wheat is critical in agriculture – proper care of the crop during this period greatly influences the expected yield

Based on drone images, it is possible to analyse the soil / area of plantations like trees, shrubs, etc. in terms of productivity. This paves the way for data-driven increases in productivity

Farmers and Agro insurance companies can estimate damage from weather anomalies and precisely calculate the yield and losses across the season

Proofminder for

As a professional farmer, you feel that pressure – the need of produce more with finite resources, grow more organic food according to regulations, deal with climate change and make crucial decisions based on your data. Our platform provides leaf-level insights & recommendations for sunflower, corn, wheat, soybean, barley, sugar beet, lucerne, and other open field plants to enable growers:

  • Estimate sowing quality
  • Assess the yield
  • Identify nitrogen deficiency in a plant 
  • Analyse weather damage
  • Save on inputs, and produce more organic food
  • Make timely decisions to reduce plant stress and save the yield
  • Monitor plantation and get accurate data on the state of the field
  • Increase yield and profit

Own season, own production processes and own specific use cases for avocado, grape, apple and other orchards: 

  • Forecast the flowering stage
  • Detect and calculate the flowers 
  • Assess the yield
  • Create a precise spraying plan 
  • Detect plant diseases
  • Estimate weather or insect damage 
  • Save resources and budget

In addition to basic Agro use cases like yield assessment or plantation monitoring, there are specific challenges in a seed production process both for field crops and in horticulture that Proofminder can help with:

  • Detect weeds and create a precise spraying plan 
  • Increase purity of seeds, i.e., by identification of missed tassels in hybrid corn seed production 
  • Identify anomalies in the field on a micro-level and put GPS marks on problem areas  
  • Precisely estimate plant density, number of plants, understand the differences in the tested fields 
  • Get precise results & support during R&D projects

We collaborate with drone service providers to offer growers full service from flights to insights. In this Agroecosystem, we enable drone operators to: 

  • Get access to new potential clients in Agroindustry 
  • Enable differential / precision spraying for agricultural spraying drones 
  • Make use of your vision drones – RGB images are primary data source for Proofminder 
  • Participate in R&D projects  
  • Unlock the value of drones and extend services 

The time spent on daily duties and processes might be significantly less with Proofminder. Sharing the information about the field will help Agro insurance agents to:

  • Precisely assess the yield
  • Overview the plantation and its compliance with quality standards
  • Estimate the weather damage 
  • Make confident decisions based on data

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Proofminder Awarded as a Most Innovative Agri Startup in 2021 by Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture!

A three-month project with Corteva Agriscience which allows targeted ragweed eradication on thousands of hectares by analyzing drone footage.

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