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Making the power of computer vision AI accessible for the Agroindustry  

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Proofminder allows you to integrate AI-powered visual intelligence into your products or projects in weeks not years

We can serve your AI initiatives  from KPI definition to MVP launch

Up to 70% fewer recourses are needed for business case implementation

Grow as you wish the platform capacity makes it borderless

We comply with the regulations, your data is 100% safe

Agroindustry focus

We are making the power of computer vision accessible for farmers and industry players

Continuous monitoring of plant growth using AI-based machine vision – water, nutrient deficiency, pest identification

AI / machine vision-based disease identification, like rust disease or fungus is much more accurate and less labor intensive than traditional solutions

Relying on comprehensive visual and sensor data, it is possible to predict the yield – all with low costs and easy extensibility

Accurate identification of the time of flowering of wheat is critical in agriculture – proper care of the crop during this period greatly influences the expected yield

Based on drone images, it is possible to analyse the soil / area of plantations like trees, shrubs, etc. in terms of productivity. This paves the way for data-driven increases in productivity

Animal husbandry can benefit from AI in several ways: analysing animal behaviour, identifying diseases, and partially replacing manual labor

Recent case studies

Ragweed (Ambrosia) identification

based on phenology using high resolution RGB drone aerial photos

Innovation in corn hybrid seed production

Identifying missed tassels during detasseling to increase yield, decrease cost and lost revenue

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Data Collection and Automated Processing

  • Direct image upload from anywhere
  • Fully customizable data catalog for any kind of visual data
  • Unlimited data storage with advanced search functions
  • High performance automated othophoto and digital terrain model creation
Data Collection and Automated Processing

Integrated Annotation Tool 

  • Automatic image upload and assignment for annotation
  • Interactive tool for video and image annotation
  • Simple sampling from original dataset
  • Parallel work and involvement of external teams to process large amount of data is enabeled

  • Quality control, revision and issue handling functions
Integrated Annotation Tool 

Strong Support for Model Training on Scalable Infra

  • Integrated MLOps platform
  • All the tools Data Scientists need to be highly-effective
  • Complete experiment and model catalog
  • Resources are not a limit anymore: remote AI development on cloud or on-prem GPUs
Strong Support for Model Training on Scalable Infra

Build AI Workflows Visually and Leave the Platform to Deal with the Rest

  • Standard business process modelling language: BPMN
  • Easily integrate AI with your business processes
  • Include manual task in your process
  • Auto scaling infrastructure provisioning the required amount of processing capacity (GPU, CPU, Memory)
Build AI Workflows Visually and Leave the Platform to Deal with the Rest

Interactive HD Map Visualization

  • All your arial photos and AI outputs on one place
  • Explore results right on the field from tablet or phone
  • Zoom in to see all details from desktop or mobile web browser

  • Compare results on a time scale
Interactive HD Map Visualization

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