Green-on-Brown Technology for Precision Weed Control

Green-on-Brown Technology for Precision Weed Control

While we have been working with green-on-green technology for a while and with great results, Proofminder prides itself on offering solutions for any and all Agroindustry challenges. Green-on-brown spraying is no exception 

The green-on-brown system can identify weeds on fallow fields and address them through spot spraying, relying on color differences to distinguish between weed-infested and clear zones.  

The advantages of green-on-brown spraying: 

  • This spraying technology is an environmentally friendly solution for farmers as it meets European regulations and follows global sustainability trends.  
  • Chemical usage can be decreased by up to 70% through spot spraying.  
  • By reducing the amount spent on herbicides, chemical plant protection can be profitable in crops whereas previously that may not have been the case.  

There are several possibilities in terms of use: 

  • Spraying stubble. 
  • Spraying corn or sunflower line spacing. – The challenge is distinguishing between the cultivated plants and the spacing.  
weeds on the field after harvesting

Figure 1 – Weeds on the field after harvesting

prescription green-on-brown weed map for spot spraying

Figure 2 – Prescription map for spot spraying after harvesting

How will green-on-brown spraying be profitable? 

 The below examples are estimates for a 20-hectare field:  

  • Total herbicide use costs 11 EUR / liter – the recommended dose is 5 liters/hectare. 
  • The herbicide cost for the entire 20-hectare area would come to a total of 1100 EUR. 
  • If, for example, only 40% of the field is weed-infested, then – per scale – the cost would only be 440 EUR.  
  • In this example, the agronomist can save 660 EUR on herbicides.  


geen-on-brown weeds on field

Figure 3 – Weeds on the field 

geen-on-brown weed map for VRA spraying

Figure 4 – Prescription map for variable rate application (VRA) of inputs

If you, too, struggle with weeds on your fallow fields, reach out to us for a cost-effective and sustainable solution.  


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