TechAgro Brno Award GRAND PRIX

Proofminder and – A Success Story

Proofminder and - A Success Story

Proofminder Partnership Program

Drone operators aspiring to expand their horizons need not look further than Proofminder’s innovative Partner Program. This unique initiative is tailored for drone pilots keen on partnering with Proofminder for diverse aerial projects. The program offers comprehensive training, enabling participants to earn valuable certifications, and the opportunity to engage in groundbreaking projects. It promises an immersive experience in the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles, particularly in the field of agriculture.

How It Began for Skywalkers

The experts at have been working with drones, even building their own, for over 10 years, using them in their enterprise and agricultural capacity. The team has been keeping up-to-date with the latest in drone tech and is constantly looking to up their game and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to precision in drone services. After looking into spot spraying, Proofminder’s leaf-level insights caught the eye of Valentin Gál, founder of Skywalkers AG. 

After filling in our contact form, it took a mere two weeks for both parties to properly acquaint themselves with each other’s focus and potential, and to realize that this could be the beginning of a very fruitful partnership. 

Once this cooperation was established, the first client reached out to Valentin within a few weeks, wondering whether Proofminder could provide a solution to their rodent problem. Voles present a huge issue for agronomists, causing significant damage to crops. The client wanted to have the vole nests identified, counted, and localized so that they could apply a solution effectively, precisely and with little to no harm to the environment. Perfecting this use case is still underway, but requests are constantly coming in for other use cases such as stand counts, spot spraying applications and yield estimations, with much more expected in the near future. 

The Grand Prix Win at Techagro 2024

Techagro is an exhibition held in Brno, Czech Republic, focused on the agro-industry, showcasing machinery, software, and accessories related to agriculture. After a hiatus of six years due to COVID and other reasons, the event returned this year. 

Skywalkers AG – now a sister company to – was founded as a precision agriculture group and a DJI Agriculture drone reseller for the Czech agricultural industry. Thanks to a proposition from Zoltán Környi, the attaché for foreign trade and business affairs at the Embassy of Hungary in Prague, Skywalkers AG was able to participate in Techagro under the banner of Hungary, supported by CED.  

The main goal was to showcase Proofminder to Czech farmers and gather feedback on the technology. The lineup included CED setting up a separate stand for Hungary, showcasing developers and producers of machinery and software. Skywalkers AG secured a prominent space to present the future of agriculture, featuring Drone2b (a DJI AG dealer) and Proofminder, demonstrating the platform’s capabilities and its potential applications with DJI drones. 

Just before the exhibition's start, Proofminder entered into a competition for the Grand Prix prize. On the eve of the event, Skywalkers AG presented Proofminder to the juries, highlighting its strong properties, scalability, and versatility. That same night, Proofminder's Grand Prix win was confirmed! Proofminder was also recognized as the only software-based product among the eight Grand Prix winners.

TechAgro Expo Brno - Grand Prix Award

Figure 1 – Valentin Gál, partner of Proofminder in Czech Republic and Slovakia receiving the Award at the TechAgro Expo Brno 2024.

TechAgro Expo Brno - Proofminder booth

Figure 2 – Proofminder booth and Grand Prix Award at TechAgro Expo Brno.

During the 5-day expo, Proofminder was showcased to potential clients, research institutes, universities, and the general audience. 

Most farmers present were astonished by the advanced technology in agriculture demonstrated by Proofminder’s precision down to the leaf level. 

Visitors were particularly interested in the following topics: 

  • Spot spraying capabilities, including weed detection, analysis, platform versatility, compatibility with various machinery, and application via drones. 
  • Yield prediction and the potential to provide insights into field health and properties beyond stand count. 
  • Precision in missed tassel detection and scaling up the application. 
  • Vole detection, a pressing issue in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, including damage assessment, burrow detection for precise poison application, and vole movement analysis.   

Skywalkers AG is currently exploring other specialized use cases based on farmer feedback. This exhibition was pivotal in showcasing Proofminder’s potential and initiating discussions for future collaborations and developments in agricultural technology.  

A Milestone in Proofminder-Skywalkers History 

As frontline players in the agro-industry, the teams at Skywalkers AG and Proofminder are acutely aware of the threat that rodents, specifically voles, pose to field crops in the Central European region. This and many other use cases are being perfected constantly so that growers can prevent revenue loss, streamline their production processes, and pave the way to a more sustainable agro-industry. 

No voles in your area? Good for you! There are many other ways you can take advantage of Proofminder’s solutions. Get in touch and let’s shape modern agriculture together. 

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