Proofminder awarded as most innovative AgTech Startup

Artificial intelligence hunts ragweed or why Proofminder was awarded as a most innovative AgTech startup

Artificial intelligence hunts ragweed or why Proofminder was awarded as a most innovative AgTech startup

Budapest, 07/12/2021 - The Agtech Summit and demo-day at the end of November closed the 2021 innovation programme of the National Chamber of Agriculture. The main event of the day was the presentation of the startups participating in the program, in particular the selection of the most innovative startup, which this year was awarded to Proofminder, which helps to recognize crops and weeds with artificial intelligence. The company tested its solution in a three-month project with Corteva Agriscience, which allows for targeted ragweed eradication on thousands of hectares by analyzing drone footage.

The problem of weeding affects all plants, causes serious damage to agricultural production. Ragweed is also extremely allergenic, with 77 million people projected to be affected in Europe by 2050. This is one of the great challenges facing the agroindustry and the food supply chain. Eradicating ragweed in the environment of other dicotyledonous plants, especially sunflowers, is a particular challenge. Although a new herbicide is now available thanks to Corteva’s new innovation, which allows effective control of ragweed in sunflower, accurate spatial identification of ragweed infection by air has not yet been resolved. Proofminder made a breakthrough in this. 

The platform allows you to determine the economically and environmentally ideal approach by identifying ragweed and other weeds. The results can be evaluated by specialists in a digital environment on a map and with the help of the system, they can make an accurate application plan for treatment with either a precision field sprayer or a drone. 

“Special drone footage from the area is loaded into Proofminder’s system, which we’ve trained to detect and distinguish between useful plants and harmful weeds,” he said. “By identifying areas covered with ragweed, it calculates the degree of infection. During the project, we found that ragweed covered 71.45% of the area, which without intervention causes significant damage to the crop.” – explained Norbert Havas, the company’s chief technology officer, explaining the essence of the winning project. 

The recognition of weeds provides an opportunity to estimate the weed cover of the areas and to determine the weed composition so that the same crop averages can be achieved with more environmental-friendly protection. 

 “We need to supply the growing population in ever-shrinking production areas. A key issue is to ensure that all crops receive maximum care with the least environmental impact for efficient and sustainable farming. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we now have the opportunity to set up a virtual farmer next to each sunflower.”   –  the motivation speech of the program manager of the National Chamber of Agriculture.  

“On the one hand, the incubation program provided a unique opportunity for testing and, on the other hand, it showed us the direction in which we need to continue to develop over the next year and a half, and on the other hand, it has shown us the direction in which we need to continue to develop in the next year and a half, he said. ” – said Norbert Havas, adding “Our team is now looking for an investor to implement the product development plans and to introduce our solution to the wider Hungarian and international markets, and to expand the team to achieve them.” 

About Proofminder

The company was founded at the beginning of 2021 by a team of three people with IT, business development and enterprise experience. The company has prepared its marketable product via bootstrapping without investor help. The first large corporate customers and partners have already started to use it in the 2021 agricultural season. The team is now looking for an investor and will use the capital to further develop their product and to carry out intensive go-to-market activities. 

 About NAK TechLab 

NAK TechLab is the incubation program of the National Chamber of Agriculture, which aims to find and accelerate the growth of the most innovative solutions of the Hungarian agricultural sector and food industry, thus making industry and the market more competitive, sustainable and environmentally conscious. 

About Corteva Agriscience 

Corteva Agriscience™ is a publicly listed, global, purely agricultural company that offers producers around the world one of the most complete portfolios in the industry – including a balanced and varied combination of seed, crop protection and digital solutions – that focus on maximizing productivity to increase yield and profitability. Its best-known product brands in agriculture, as well as industry-leading product and technology research, define Corteva’s role in stimulating growth, so the Company is committed to working with stakeholders throughout the food chain system and will do everything it can to improve the quality of life of producers and consumers, maintaining this process for generations to come. 

Proofminder joined NVIDIA Inception Program

Proofminder joins NVIDIA Inception

Proofminder x NVIDIA Inception

Proofminder Joins NVIDIA Inception

Budapest, Hungary — October 14, 2021— Proofminder announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data science.  

Proofminder is focused on creating a platform that supports all stages of the AI lifecycle and allows customers to spend 70% fewer resources on the implementation of AI, perform experiments, measure the results, and implement the best visual intelligence use cases in practice. As an accessible computer vision platform, it aims to enable organizations and individuals to implement AI computer vision into their processes and transform their visual data into valuable decisive actions. Proofminder’s strategic goal is to create a reliable, affordable, and self-sufficient AI computer vision ecosystem that can radically increase the effectiveness of individuals, products, and organizations. 

NVIDIA Inception will allow Proofminder to elevate the platform development process with access to industry-leading technologies. It will also ease the process of implementing AI computer vision in the agroindustry and other niches where aerial and overall geospatial data is crucial. In addition, Inception offers Proofminder the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

“NVIDIA’s revolutionary parallel computing technology enables our product to process and analyze images from thousands of hectares daily and deliver complex insights using leaf-level vegetation information.” – Norbert Havas, Proofminder CTO.

NVIDIA Inception helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. Every NVIDIA Inception member gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, such as NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits, marketing support, and technology assistance, which provides startups with the fundamental tools to help them grow.

About Proofminder 

Proofminder is a high-fidelity aerial AI computer vision platform focused on agroindustry. We are making the power of computer vision accessible for farmers, technology providers, manufacturers, and other market players. The use cases created with our platform help farmers to oversee millions of hectares, prevent losses from weeds or plant diseases, overcome the impact of climate change, make intelligent decisions and increase profit while saving resources and caring about the environment. For manufacturers and technology providers in agroindustry, it’s a great opportunity to let the products “see” what was previously invisible to them and extend their capabilities.

For more information:   

Norbert Havas  

Ragweed detection map

Why Proofminder

Why we’ve created Proofminder and why we believe it will change the Agroindustry

If not now, when?

Each year, plant diseases cost the global economy around $220 billion and invasive insects around US$70 billion. Yield losses in crops due to weeds depend on several factors such as weed emergence time, weed density, type of weeds, and crops, etc. Left uncontrolled, weeds can result in 100% yield loss. Add here other Agroindustry problems such as labor shortage and lack of experts, fertilizer overdosing leading to environmental problems and wasted budgets, high level of uncertainty in harvest forecasting due to climate change and soil degradation and you will realize the level of unleashed potential of the industry. Agribusinesses losing a significant part of revenue while the world pressing them to build a reliable and self-sufficient food system. Working for quite a while with agribusinesses and data we deeply understand how hard it is to make the right decisions, even when you have tons of information – the insights on the data are not always actionable; impact is not measurable and cannot be deployed at scale.   

To address these challenges, Farmers are looking to roll out precision agriculture which imposes the need to deploy AI use cases into their processes (e.g., to forecast yielderadicate weed, monitor crop health), which is still complexlabor-intensive and error-prone.   

We are changing the game

In order to enable Farmers to easily access Artificial Intelligence and to collaborate with Agroindustry players, we are creating an AI Marketplace & Ag Collaboration Platform focused solely on the needs of the Agroindustry. Blending together the experience, insights and technology to come up with the solution that will disrupt the Agroindustry, improve its performance and the lives of people involved in the crop production process.  

Proofminder is the first AI Farming Marketplace aimed to make the power of computer vision accessible and impactful for the wider Agroindustry.

We make it dramatically easy to start using AI without any technical knowledge, collaborate with other market players, exchange the data, get actionable insights from the visual data and transform them into valuable determining actions. 

Whose benefit?

Farmers. By using our marketplace, Farmers will be able to purchase and deploy Agro-specific AI models into their own process with a click of a button. Proofminder repository will be holding AI solutions that are solving specific challenges for farmers that require leaf-level imaging data and AI to work: e.g., weed detection at scale missed tassel identification or wildlife damage. Some ‘starter’ AI Solutions are available to farmers right away to show the real impact. Farmers can deploy those AI models to their own use cases without any technical knowledge. The output of the AI models showing in a map in a friendly user interface.  


AI solution providers. Proofminder Marketplace is aiming to provide an open platform where everybody is able to publish their AI model solving a specific Agro use case.


Drone & Agro equipment manufacturers. Our platform helps in most painful points – it helps to find new clients, to show the real value and necessity of having a drone or other Agro equipment, to increase the product capabilities and its life-cycle, to overcome deployment issues. For instance, drone operators are able to upload and share photos taken by them via Proofminder. Due to the size of the datasets (approx 5GB / ha), it is not straightforward to share photos very easily. We are providing a scalable cloud solution to handle the required data volume.


Other Agroindustry players.  We make it easy and seamless to capture quality agriculture data on the platform, process, share and realize value on it in a bi-directional fashion between farmers and agroindustry players without lock-in to any large player’s ecosystem. The ability to collaborate around this data could be useful for Agri-Insurance or financial organizations, government needs and more.  

What’s next?

Our ecosystem is growing fast, new industry players, innovators, agro equipment and agrodrone producers, farmers from all over the globe join our platform every day to increase revenue, scale the expertise and get the most ROI on every hectare.   

Book a demo to join the Proofminder ecosystem and let’s drive that positive Agroindustry changes together!