Why we’ve created Proofminder and why we believe it will change the Agroindustry

If not now, when?

Each year, plant diseases cost the global economy around $220 billion and invasive insects around US$70 billion. Yield losses in crops due to weeds depend on several factors such as weed emergence time, weed density, type of weeds, and crops, etc. Left uncontrolled, weeds can result in 100% yield loss. Add here other Agroindustry problems such as labor shortage and lack of experts, fertilizer overdosing leading to environmental problems and wasted budgets, high level of uncertainty in harvest forecasting due to climate change and soil degradation and you will realize the level of unleashed potential of the industry. Agribusinesses losing a significant part of revenue while the world pressing them to build a reliable and self-sufficient food system. Working for quite a while with agribusinesses and data we deeply understand how hard it is to make the right decisions, even when you have tons of information – the insights on the data are not always actionable; impact is not measurable and cannot be deployed at scale.   

To address these challenges, Farmers are looking to roll out precision agriculture which imposes the need to deploy AI use cases into their processes (e.g., to forecast yielderadicate weed, monitor crop health), which is still complexlabor-intensive and error-prone.   

We are changing the game

In order to enable Farmers to easily access Artificial Intelligence and to collaborate with Agroindustry players, we are creating an AI Marketplace & Ag Collaboration Platform focused solely on the needs of the Agroindustry. Blending together the experience, insights and technology to come up with the solution that will disrupt the Agroindustry, improve its performance and the lives of people involved in the crop production process.  

Proofminder is the first AI Farming Marketplace aimed to make the power of computer vision accessible and impactful for the wider Agroindustry.

We make it dramatically easy to start using AI without any technical knowledge, collaborate with other market players, exchange the data, get actionable insights from the visual data and transform them into valuable determining actions. 

Whose benefit?

Farmers. By using our marketplace, Farmers will be able to purchase and deploy Agro-specific AI models into their own process with a click of a button. Proofminder repository will be holding AI solutions that are solving specific challenges for farmers that require leaf-level imaging data and AI to work: e.g., weed detection at scale missed tassel identification or wildlife damage. Some ‘starter’ AI Solutions are available to farmers right away to show the real impact. Farmers can deploy those AI models to their own use cases without any technical knowledge. The output of the AI models showing in a map in a friendly user interface.  


AI solution providers. Proofminder Marketplace is aiming to provide an open platform where everybody is able to publish their AI model solving a specific Agro use case.


Drone & Agro equipment manufacturers. Our platform helps in most painful points – it helps to find new clients, to show the real value and necessity of having a drone or other Agro equipment, to increase the product capabilities and its life-cycle, to overcome deployment issues. For instance, drone operators are able to upload and share photos taken by them via Proofminder. Due to the size of the datasets (approx 5GB / ha), it is not straightforward to share photos very easily. We are providing a scalable cloud solution to handle the required data volume.


Other Agroindustry players.  We make it easy and seamless to capture quality agriculture data on the platform, process, share and realize value on it in a bi-directional fashion between farmers and agroindustry players without lock-in to any large player’s ecosystem. The ability to collaborate around this data could be useful for Agri-Insurance or financial organizations, government needs and more.  

What’s next?

Our ecosystem is growing fast, new industry players, innovators, agro equipment and agrodrone producers, farmers from all over the globe join our platform every day to increase revenue, scale the expertise and get the most ROI on every hectare.   

Book a demo to join the Proofminder ecosystem and let’s drive that positive Agroindustry changes together!