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Proofminder AI Farming Platform enables growers to build new AI-powered use cases in a few days and innovate production processes at a click of a button. We work to make Agroindustry more effective and profitable regardless of ever-changing environment.

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Drone pilot program

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We work with Industry leaders to create game-changing experiences 


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If you are joining our  Drone Pilot Program:

  • In the EU, you’ll need an A1-A3 drone certificate to follow the regulations
  • If you are USA citizen, then you have to be able to operate under Part 107 rules

Nope. You will receive the reward depending on the Program chosen. Contact us for details.

It’s good to have it for larger missions but not a necessity. As an example, we work with pilots using DJI Phantom 4 and it is suitable for many use cases. 

To make sure that you can fly the missions without interruption we recommend

  • To have at least 8 batteries
  • A high-capacity portable charger or generator to charge your devices
  • A backup drone in case of a technical issue with the main one

Additional advice and training to be provided 😉

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