Automated Plant Stand Count Reports

We use aerial data and AI to analyse every plant on the field and provide you the high-precise plant stand count reports in just a few hours

Measure the exact number of plants, assess the yield and receive time-sensitive agricultural insights to improve production processes


To Production Efficiency

spend less time on the field, use fewer inputs and produce more with less


Accuracy of Reports

switch from low-precise NDVI to leaf-level reports to analyse each cm2 of your field at scale


ROI from each hectare

better data = better decisions. Use timely insights to do a better job for your farm

Use Intelligent Insights To Make Informed Decisions

Everything you want to know about our field – now on the screen

  • Sowing quality 
  • Problem areas and it’s GPS-coordinates
  • The exact number of plants
  • Plant density
  • Crop progress
  • Plant stress
  • Soil quality and zones
  • Weeds and plant diseases 
  • Wildlife damage areas
  • Yield forecast with 95% accuracy at any stage 
  • Additional insights on every plant

Our Platform Used By

Seed Producers

There are no small things in high-value crop production. Our use cases enable Innovation and Production managers to precisely estimate the results of R&D projects, successfully pass the certification and stay a reliable seed supplier


Deal with the production challenges, forecast the yield and plan the workforce across the season. Our AI-powered reports can be integrated into other platforms, and machines or shared with those who need it


Easy-to-use, all-in-one platform to transform your production challenges into actionable reports. No specific knowledge, equipment or additional workforce is needed, the Platform if fully intuitive

For Field Crops, Vegetables and Orchards

Sugar beet





Seed Corn

Commercial corn


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