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Open Call:

We are looking for Agri professionals and innovators, research organisations and individuals to collect the biggest weed, and plant disease database, and improve weed-management processes across the globe!  

What We Ask

We expect 2 things from you:

  1. A willingness to collaborate during the process of image gathering and AI model testing
  2. About 20 drone images with certain parameters (we will provide pilot guidelines and support). The size of the field doesn’t matter, but it should be 1 plant type with one or several types of weeds

What We Give

Your benefits when joining this mission

  1. Our guidelines and professional support during the image gathering
  2. Lifetime access to a community of like-minded innovators and Agri professionals
  3. Access to an AI-powered weed detection model that we jointly built, which will help you to
  • Detect and identify each and every weed and plant on the field
  • Know the GPS coordinates of weeds, plant diseases or problem areas
  • Save on chemical inputs using a differential spraying map generated on Proofminder
  • Improve production processes and your expertise

Examples of Images We Need

Use Case: Johnson grass detection in corn

Who We Are

At Proofminder we build a leaf-leaf farming platform to make the lives of growers easier.

By using AI and drone images the Platform extracts insights and provides professionals like you with valuable and time-sensitive information about every cm2 of the field.  

Our AI-powered use cases for plant stand counting, plant distancing, and wildlife damage already positively impact food production processes across the globe. And now we aim to build the biggest AI-based weed recognition repository so growers could improve their weed management operations at the click of a button. 

Our AI-powered Reports

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